Join the Circus!

I'm going to build a life size circus of freestanding glass mosaics—
  • The sword-swallower, fire-breather, knife-thrower and ringmaster!
  • The tiger jumping through a flaming hoop and a lion tamer with his head in the lion's jaws!
  • Acrobats, aerialists, clowns and a juggler!
  • Equestrians, dancers, animals and a band!
  • The fortune teller, the strong man, the snake handler and mermaid!
  • There will be more, much more, at least 30 people and a lot of animals.
  • It will be HUGE!

All arrayed so you can meander through the circus ring and see them up close (no cheap seats in this circus!) The only way to do this right is to go big all the way.

I need your help to make this happen! I have an opportunity to buy the tile at a deep discount for a limited time. So I'm offering commisoned art to raise funds.