Eternal Flame Sculpture, Red No. 9

Dimensions:  7.375" H x 6" W x 2.875" D
Each Eternal Flame Sculpture is a one of a kind sculpture that will never be repeated. Although their bright colors and cheerful look could fool you, they are made from 100% recycled steel left over from making my firebowls.

Eternal Flame Sculptures are basically eternal… They're cut from heavy steel and finished with powder coat enamel that is suitable for indoor or outdoor display. A small collection of these sculptures would be an amazing way to turn an unused fireplace into a cheerful blaze that never needs feeding and never goes out. But don't leave them in your firebowl or fireplace when in use— the powder coat enamel will burn off at 400°F.

Eternal Flame Sculptures work well as awards or trophies. The Louisville Science Center uses Eternal Flame, Yellow No.1 as a rotating award in their team recognition program. Joanna E. Haas, Executive Director Louisville Science Center, wrote me to express her enthusiasm for the sculpture:

"Eternal Flame sculpture arrived… It's great!  Thanks for your fantastic science/art collision… it will be a wonderful representation of our "make it glow" culture and serve as a terrific staff recognition icon."

The Eternal flames are an open edition of sculpture— each is signed and numbered, but there is no predetermined limit to how many I'll make. They're too cool to limit to a set number.

Small sculptures ship free via USPS Priority Mail.